Win for Alabama Workers as NLRB Orders New Union Vote After Amazon’s Alleged Misconduct —

Because of pervasive misconduct by Amazon, the union election at its Bessemer warehouse will have to be reheld,

It appears that this flows from Amazon’s take no prisoners and follow no laws backfired on them:

A regional office of the National Labor Relations Board on Monday ordered a new union election at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama, upholding a union challenge to a vote that the company won decisively.

The decision was widely expected after a hearing officer recommended in August that the results be thrown out and that a new election take place.


The union filed a formal objection to the election shortly after the results were announced in April, arguing that Amazon had undermined the conditions for a fair election by pressing the Postal Service to install a collection box at the warehouse, among other complaints. The union said the box, which was not authorized by the labor board, created the impression that Amazon was monitoring which workers voted.

In her decision Monday, the labor board’s regional director for the Atlanta region agreed, writing that Amazon “gave a strong impression that it controlled the process” by arranging the installation of the box. “This dangerous and improper message to employees destroys trust in the board’s processes and in the credibility of the election results,” the director, Lisa Y. Henderson, concluded.

Ms. Henderson also found that Amazon had improperly “polled” employees — that is, it attempted to determine how they would vote — by notifying workers at mandatory meetings that they could take “vote no” items such as pins that were laid out in full view of human resources officials.


Amazon has said that the box was intended to make it easier for employees to vote and that it did not have access to the ballots that workers deposited in it.

Amazon is constitutionally incapable of not cheating, and this time, it cost them.



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