Thoughts on the Terrorist Attack in Buffalo

There has been yet another mass shooting, this one in Buffalo, driven by the racist. “Replacement Theory.”

The shooter targeted a Tops supermarket in Buffalo’s largely black East Side, and target blacks after posting a racist screed suggesting that minorities were taking over America.

He has previously been investigated by police for threatened to shoot up a his high school.

The obvious problem here is that firearms are far to readily available in America, but that is not the main thrust of this post.

I would like to talk about the use, and misuse, of “Replacement Theory” in America.

The basic idea behind “Replacement Theory” (The last time that I will use that noxious term, I promise) is that the that there is a conspiracy underpinning the demographic transition in the United States, driven by the “Elites”, frequently involving the scheming of the “Elites”, which frequently involves the Eternal Jew as a malefactor.

Elise Stefanik, the number 3 Republican in Congress, actually pushed this noxious lie from the floor of the House. (But is still lauded as a “Moderate”. Go figure.)

This demographic transition is actually true, and it has been going on, and has been going on since well before the founding of the Republic, as has been the bleeting of bigots about “invasions” or the like.

The glory of America is that eventually many, though by no means all, of the people who come to America eventually become white people. For example, the Irish, Italians, Poles, Russians, Greeks in 1890 were not white people then, but are white people now.

Of course, some people are not allowed to make this transition, African Americans and Indigenous Americas being the most prominent cases.

The claims that there is a conspiracy is false, and using this as an excuse for generating hate is reprehensible.

Unfortunately, moderate Democrats, most notably Ruy Teixeira, who co-wrote The Emerging Democratic Majority in 2002, have been aggressively selling that immigration driven demographic transition as a path to power for the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party establishment (There is no Democratic Party establishment) has bought into this as an alternative to actually doing things to help ordinary people. (You can read an interview with Teixeira where he suggests that Democrats were too soft on crime, to soft on immigration, to strident on abortion, etc. You can read the interview here.)

This pops up not infrequently in various “centrist” (Corporatist) Democratic Party discourse, where it serves an excuse to do nothing.

It is also used as a sliver of truth by those who encourage people like that genocidal maniac in Upstate New York.


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