This Would Not Have Happened before the George Floyd Protests

A police officer arrested an autistic boy at a school, handcuffed him, hogtied him, and then tased him like he was a Christmas ham.

The officer in question, Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy Matthew Honas, has been fired, though the disciplinary board has not revoked or suspended his law enforcement officer certification.

The kid was just sitting there, and the officer tortured him with a weapon that can kill people. (Itnore Taser International’s excited delirium bullsh%$)

That he was fired is good. That he can get another job in law enforcement is a travesty, and the fact that he has not been charged is an affront to the conscience:

A Jackson County sheriff’s deputy used his Taser on a 12-year-old autistic boy without warning as the youth sat handcuffed, shackled and hogtied in the deputy’s vehicle.

The state’s law enforcement oversight body says Matthew Honas on Feb. 23 used excessive force multiple times on the boy, including tying him up in a manner that threatened “his ability to breathe properly.”

The Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training on Aug. 22 issued an order of reprimand to Honas. While Honas was discharged March 3 from his deputy’s job in Jackson County, the commission chose not to revoke his certification as a law enforcement officer.

The encounter was captured on Honas’ in-car camera, KSCPOST said.

Money quotes further down, “His hands were cuffed behind his back and (Honas) began to press L.H.’s jaw pressure points without giving any direction to L.H. to do anything. This appeared to be of a punitive nature, particularly with the dialogue between (Honas) and L.H. at the time,” and, “About five minutes later, Honas tased the boy without warning as he was sitting in the patrol vehicle with his feet outside the vehicle.”

These were purely punitive actions. The officer was not threatened, and the officer had not asked the arrestee to do anything, so the child could not have been non compliant, there were no instructions to comply with.

The frightening thing is that 5 years ago, this guy might have gotten a week off and a note in his personnel file.



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