They are F%$#ing Insane

So we now have Republicans claiming that libraries are evil, because ……… OK, I cannot parse this argument. I think that it may come down to owning the liberals:


And this week, right-wing congressional candidate Heidi St. John displayed a hatred for libraries that’s only rivaled by the fictional residents of Pawnee, Indiana.

In a wildly bigoted rant painting trans people as predators, St. John told the crowd:

“The public libraries are disastrous. They’re actually evil organizations now, because they’re run by the American Library Association, which is a wicked organization at its root. And so, I turned in my library card years ago, and for a homeschool mom to turn in her library card, it has to be pretty serious, y’know?”

She claimed that library bathrooms were not safe for her children and that libraries were peddling pro-LGBTQ content to children in secret so that they would be slowly “lulled into a completely backwards way of thinking.”

Just when I think that reality cannot exceed my jaded cynicism, the Republicans step it up a notch, and I am left staring at the screen with an expression on my face that looks like that of a cow that has just stepped on its own udder.



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