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You know, this guy

And how he tried to ride Vanilla Ice’s coat tails

Running for the Senate, getting just 3% of the vote, and then, being accused by the Wrapper Vanilla Ice of attempting to use his fame for your political advantage.

I am referring to the Ken half of St. Louis Ken and Karen, Mark McCloskey, who, along with his wife, drew down on peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters, and then attempted to parlay that into a political career:

After showing up in a campaign ad for a notorious Republican Senate candidate, Vanilla Ice reassured fans that he didn’t agree to be involved at all.

Mark McCloskey — the disgraced former lawyer who went viral after he and his wife pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters outside their home in St. Louis in June 2020 — shared a promotional post featuring Vanilla Ice’s name and image on Thursday.

“Join #TeamMcCloskey in Green County for the Ozark Empire Fair,” the post read, above pictures of McCloskey and the rapper next to each other. Below the images, a line added: “Featuring Vanilla Ice and Ying Yang Twins.”

But on Thursday evening, Vanilla Ice’s management made it unequivocally clear that their client was not supporting McCloskey’s campaign. “Vanilla Ice is not taking sides on political issues and is working to support his family,” his managers told The Kansas City Star. “Please make this known.”

As well as Vanilla Ice and McCloskey not being affiliated, they’re not even appearing at the fair mentioned in the ad on the same day. McCloskey will actually appear two days after the rapper’s show.


Along with his wife Patricia, McCloskey became a right-wing cause célèbre after his gun-toting stunt in 2020. The couple pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges over the incident, but they were ultimately pardoned by Missouri’s Republican Governor Mike Parson. The couple also last month made an unsuccessful bid to get the Supreme Court to overturn a decision that placed their law licenses on probation.

How low do you have to go to be disavowed by Vanilla f%$#ing Ice.



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