The Response to Jeff Bezos’ Space Penis

In response to the phallic appearance of more mainstream rockets, they have developed a rocket that looks like female genetalia.

As Anna Russell would say, “I’m not making this up, you know.”

The group Wer Braucht Feminismus (WBF?), claims that the shape is actually more efficient, assuming that they are actual scientists, and not an exercise in guerilla theater.

I’m kind of inclined to believe that it is the latter.

On a technical level, an optimal design of a spaceship would likely resemble a Sears–Haack body, basically an elongated football shape, at least in terms of transonic drag (MaxQ):

A German feminist art group has revealed a vulva-shaped spaceship concept, which it is encouraging the European Space Agency to help realise in order to better represent humanity in space and “restore gender equality to the cosmos.”

The group Wer Braucht Feminismus? (WBF?), which translates to “Who Needs Feminism?”, created the Vulva Spaceship concept to challenge the convention of phallic spacecraft design.

The yonic craft was designed to signal inclusivity and the group has started a petition on calling on the European Space Agency to consider the project.

“The project adds another dimension to the representation of humanity in space and is communicating to the world that anyone has a place in the universe, regardless of their genitalia,” said the organisation.

I think that this project may be deeply offensive to the M’Koorik, the people of Vega IV, who reporduce through budding.



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