The Next Domino to Fall in the Ukraine Conflict

Where will the next uprising be?

It won’t be in the Ukraine, nor will it be in Moscow.

With food prices already increasing, as the attached chart show, we can expect to see profound hunger issues around the world, and likely significant unrest as a result.

The abortive “Arab Spring” has a spike in the prices of food staples as a major contributor, and unrest in response to hunger is a very common response, at least in the urban areas.

Note also, it’s not just the countries on the right that will be effected by this, because the food markets these days are international, and given the increasing concentration in agriculture, it is likely that as prices spike, much of the food will be diverted to wealthier nations.

This is a recipe for disaster.




Husband, father, pinko, slave to cats

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Matthew G. Saroff

Matthew G. Saroff

Husband, father, pinko, slave to cats

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