That Was Quick

It appears that after about a day of brutal mocking by pretty much everyone in the United States, the upscale Silicon Valley suburb of Woodside has decided not to declare the whole town a Puma sanctuary.

I would say that they are still assholes, but assholes serve an essential functions, so I’ll call them a bunch of hemorrhoids:

Following four days of widespread scorn after attempting to block a new state law allowing duplexes on single-family lots by declaring itself a “mountain-lion habitat,” the wealthy Silicon Valley enclave of Woodside has backed down.

At the end of a nearly 90-minute town emergency Town Council meeting Sunday night, almost all of which was held in closed session to discuss potential litigation, city officials announced they would begin accepting applications for new duplexes.

The change came after a whirlwind sparked by a story published Wednesday in the Almanac local newspaper, revealing that city officials would refuse to permit duplexes and other projects allowed under Senate Bill 9 because the entire community sits in land that’s habitat for potentially endangered mountain lions.


The bid to evade the housing law, which took effect Jan. 1, was especially brazen because under the definition of “mountain-lion habitat” used by Woodside, all of coastal California south of San Francisco, including the entirety of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties would qualify.

They are still contemptible, and I hope that they all get eaten by mountain lions



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