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Gee look at all that Antifa (Not)

Did you know that terrorist violence in America is an almost exclusively right-wing phenomenon?

Great shades of Elvis! I’m (not) shocked by this.

Timothy McVey, the Bundys, Charlottesville, Tree of Life, Buffalo, etc. have all been terrorist attacks promulgated by right-wing white men.

Law enforcement in the US should be focusing on rolling up these organizations, but instead they have proven to be remarkably deferential to white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and their ilk:

The threat of right-wing extremism in the United States (and globally) is on the rise — a topic that I study, write about, and comment on frequently. The other day, someone asked me on Twitter if I look at violent extremism on the left, too, or if I only look to the right. My answer to them was that, yes, I do look at left-wing violent extremism, as well — but there just isn’t as much there to see. In 2022 in America, violent extremism is overwhelmingly a problem of far-right extremism, not far-left extremism, and it doesn’t help anyone to misrepresent the threat by turning it into a “both sides” issue when the sides are not even close to equal.

In fact, not only is this not helpful, but it can actually be extremely dangerous because it distracts from the reality of the problem at hand, and — in numerous instances — has resulted in resources being diverted away from the growing threat of far-right extremist violence to focus on lesser threats, some of which have been hugely exaggerated or manufactured for political purposes.


Looking further back in the data, from 2012 through 2021, right-wing extremists were responsible for an estimated 75% of all extremist-related murders during that time period, compared to 4% attributed to left-wing extremists, including anarchists and black nationalists, according to an ADL review.


The ADL’s findings are supported by other recent analyses of terrorism databases. A 2022 study published in the peer-reviewed Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) analyzed two unique databases that included incidents of violence carried out by left-wing extremists, right-wing extremists, and Islamist extremists, and found that, “across both datasets…radical acts perpetrated by individuals associated with left-wing causes are less likely to be violent.” The study found “no difference between the level of violence perpetrated by right-wing and Islamist extremists” within the United States, which is in line with other recent research.


Indeed, despite the obsession with “antifa”, including among some law enforcement agencies — a phenomenon that former FBI agent and domestic terrorism expert Michael German described as “a strange sensationalization of the antifa threats” — there is scant evidence that antifascists actually pose a significant threat of violence. There is only one incident in modern history in which a death was attributed to an antifascist, and the victim was the perpetrator himself. Meanwhile, there is evidence that in multiple instances, disinformation and fear-mongering about “antifa” has resulted in physical attacks on innocent persons as well as wasteful diversions of police resources.

It’s more than diversions of police resources. Police forces in general, and law enforcement in the United States in particular, is supportive, sometimes quite aggressively of white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Not infrequently, you find right wing terrorists in their ranks, and that these individuals have been on the force for years with the knowledge of fellow officers in the department.



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