Surprise, Amazon Claims that Enforcing the Law is Bias

Following their surprising loss at their Staten Island warehouse unionization vote, Amazon is filing appeal because the National Labor Relations Board made them follow the law.

Their appeal is bullsh%$, but they hope to delay long enough to get a decertification:

One week after Amazon workers at a New York City warehouse made history by voting to form a union, the tech giant is calling for a do-over election in filing Friday that lays out 25 objections that form the basis of its appeal.

In its filing to the National Labor Relations Board, Amazon (AMZN) alleges how the independent federal agency’s regional office which oversaw the election at its Staten Island facility, known as JFK8, “unfairly and inappropriately facilitated the [Amazon Labor Union’s] victory.”


Amazon also outlines alleged misconduct on the part of ALU, the grassroots labor organization started by current and former employees of the facility. Among its claims about the ALU, it says the union unlawfully intimidated employees and “threatened violence against its detractors.”

This is complete bullsh%$. We already know that the local police were accommodating to the internet commerce giant, arresting organizers for, “Trespassing” on a public sidewalk, for example.

If they had actual evidence of threats of violence, then those cops would have thrown the union leadership in jail.


Out of approximately 8,325 eligible voters, 4,785 votes were counted. There were 2,654 votes in favor of unionizing and 2,131 votes against it. Another 67 ballots were challenged and 17 were voided.

The union won by over 10%, any allegations about irregularities will not bridge that gap.

Behavior will continue until people who violate our nation’s labor laws are arrested and criminally prosecuted.



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