Still Cannot Make Planes

After years of the hedge fund types running Boeing, and using profits to buy back stock, as opposed to reinvest in the company, Boeing has gotten to the point where it has serious manufacturing and safety issues.

Now it appears that production quality issues unrelated to the MCAS system may ground the 737 MAX again.

Boeing’s troubled 737 MAX planes — which have twice crashed, killing 346 people — have experienced at least six mid-air emergencies and dozens of groundings in the year after an extensive probe cleared them to fly.

The incidents, pulled from US government air safety databases, are among more than 60 mid-flight problems reported by pilots in the 12 months after the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recertified the plane’s airworthiness in late 2020.

Former employees of both Boeing and the FAA characterised the reports — which included engine shutdowns and pilots losing partial control of the plane — as serious and with the potential to end in tragedy.

In one incident in December 2021, a United Airlines pilot declared a mayday after the system controlling the pitch and altitude of the plane started malfunctioning.

An ABC investigation can also reveal the US government will announce a new audit examining Boeing’s production oversight of the 737 MAX planes.

I don’t know how to fix Boeing, but the need to fix it is imperative.



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