People that I Neither Respect nor Support

One such person Liz Cheney, whose lopsided primary loss to Harriet Hageman has the “Very Serious People” expressing their unhappiness.

They are both awful people who have pursued policies that are bad for America and the world.

That Liz Cheney was right once in her life does not mean that her lionization is justified.

As to her opposing Donald Trump’s coup attempt, to quote comedian Chris Rock. “Yhat’s what you’re supposed to do.”

She should no more subject to adulation for this behavior than I should be for not baking my cats into pies.

In other election results, it appears [url=]there was an upset in the special election to replace the late Don Young[/url] in Alaska, with Democrat Mary Peltola likely to win the race to fill the last few months of Young’s term. She was likely helped in this by being the only Democrat in a race with 22 candidates.

For the next term, her success is less likely, as the top 4 primary vote getters, her, Sarah Palin (how I long for the day when I can add her to my list of They Who Must Not Be Named), Nick Begich III, and Tara Sweeney will compete in a ranked choice vote general election.

As to Lisa Murkowski, and what will likely be a tight race with Republican Kelly Tshibaka, the 2nd paragraph of this post applies to Ms. Murkowski as well.



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