Not Sure What This Means

Following a complete meltdown over an anodyne letter from the House Progressive Caucus suggesting that the White House be open to the Ukraine negotiating with Russia, someone in the Biden administration is leaking efforts to make sure that the Ukraine is open to negotiating with Russia.

I’m not sure what why elements of the Biden administration are floating this anonymously to the press, sometimes it means something, and sometimes it’s just a bullsh%$ internecine conflict for influence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but someone is think that something is going to happen in the war in the Ukraine:

The Biden administration is privately encouraging Ukraine’s leaders to signal an openness to negotiate with Russia and drop their public refusal to engage in peace talks unless President Vladimir Putin is removed from power, according to people familiar with the discussions.

The request by American officials is not aimed at pushing Ukraine to the negotiating table, these people said. Rather, they called it a calculated attempt to ensure the government in Kyiv maintains the support of other nations facing constituencies wary of fueling a war for many years to come.


While U.S. officials share their Ukrainian counterparts’ assessment that Putin, for now, isn’t serious about negotiations, they acknowledge that President Volodymyr Zelensky’s ban on talks with him has generated concern in parts of Europe, Africa and Latin America, where the war’s disruptive effects on the availability and cost of food and fuel are felt most sharply.

“Ukraine fatigue is a real thing for some of our partners,” said one U.S. official who, like others interviewed for this report, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations between Washington and Kyiv.

Someone is floating some sort of trial balloon for ……… Hell if I know, but it’s a trial balloon for something.



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