My Name is Matthew Saroff, and I Approve of this Message

A candidate for chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, which, despite its name, is primarily about regulating fossil fuel, and one candidate has gone where no man has gone before.

Specifically, Sarah Stogner has released a naked campaign ad on Twitter. (Video to the right, do I need to say that it’s not safe for work?)

I would probably not vote for Ms. Stogner, she is a Republican, and I have no idea what her campaign platform is, but I approve of naked campaign ads.

I think that candidates should be required to produce naked campaign ads.

There are a whole bunch of geriatric politicians, Mitch McConnell comes to mind, who would be turfed out in an instant. (Sorry for the mental image)

I am generally pro nudity, though I should warn all of you, I resemble a walking carpet, so I won’t share it with you on this blog.



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