Lucky Bastards

Here in the US, we have insurrection, misappropriation of nuclear secrets, the filibuster, voter suppression, and a corrupt supreme court.

In Finland, they have people complaining that their Prime Minister parties too hard, and that a guest at the official residence took a topless photograph.

That seems positively idyllic.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has apologised for a topless photo of guests at her official residence.

It comes days after she deflected accusations of having an excessive party lifestyle, by voluntarily taking a drug test — which came back clean.

The latest photo, of two well-known influencers, was taken inside the prime minister’s residence in July and widely shared on social media on Tuesday.

Ms Marin admitted “the picture is not appropriate” and apologised.

In it, two women can be seen kissing each other covering up their bare chests with an official-looking sign reading “Finland”.


The 36-year-old, who came to power in 2019, was until recently the world’s youngest prime minister.

Their political kerfuffles seem so quaint, and I’m jealous. I want some quaint here in the States.

We all need some quaint here in the States.



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