Like Somolia

The Ukraine is a real country, just like Pakistan (created as a consequence British Colonial ploys in 1948), or East Timor (created in 1975), or the former Yugoslavia (1992–2006), or South Sudan (2011), ore Eritrea (1993).

It’s a real country, just like we think of a Somolia as a real country.

The Ukraine, like Somolia is a profoundly dysfunctional country, with its GDP still less than what it was with the breakup of the USSR, which is why somewhere north of 10% of the population has left.

Note that this is in a country with (before the war) abundant resources, a once thriving agricultural sector, and a relatively robust steel industry.

There will eventually be a peace deal, but I don’t see their oligarchs stopping their looting or losing power, so ubi desertum faciunt, pacem appellant.



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