I Guess That I Need to Talk About This

  • They have not gotten over 1054,* and as such see the the conflict as a part of a war on Orthodox Christianity.
  • For some reason, the British and the Church of England is a common theme in this.
  • They see the west as implacably hostile to Russia and Russians.
  • They believe at significant elements of the polity in other former Soviet republics are Nazis, neo-Nazis, or glorify Nazis, which is like waving a red flag in front of a bull for most Russians, even more so for Putin, who is St. Petersburg (Leningrad) born and bred. (That whole siege of Leningrad thing)




Husband, father, pinko, slave to cats

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Matthew G. Saroff

Matthew G. Saroff

Husband, father, pinko, slave to cats

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