I Got Push Polled On Friday

Matthew G. Saroff
2 min readJul 24, 2023


My phone rings, and they ask me to respond to a poll about the primary race to replace retiring US Senator Ben Cardin.

It started with a listing of all three candidates, Prince George’s County executive Angela Alsobrooks, Montgomery County councilman Will Jawando, and US Congressman David Trone.

After quickly dismissing Alsobrooks and Jawando, the poll went on to suggest that David Trone, because he was a successful businessman (strike 1) who has extensively self funded his campaign, (Foul tip) and who worked across the aisle (strike 2).

I ended up looking at Trone’s Wiki page while on the line, and found that he was a member of the New Democrat Coalition, the caucus dedicated to protecting billionaires and Wall Street. (Strike 3)

I told the pollster that, and when she asked at the end if I was a liberal, a progressive, or a moderate, I replied, “Socialist.”

As to my assessment of the candidates in order of decreasing preference:

  • Angela Alsobrooks: Best of a scurvy lot. Seems decent enough, but she is the former I hate voting for former prosecutors, and she was former PG County states attorney.
  • Will Jawando: Former Obama administration member (Strike 1), who, “Served in the Obama White House as associate director of the Office of Public Engagement and for the Education Department as deputy director for strategic partnerships.” (Strike 2) Working for Obama’s charter school crazy Department of Education is NOT a good thing.
  • David Trone: A corporate sellout and a squish.

Just in case you are wondering, I am not considering Jerome Segal, who seems closest to me politically, but he’s a protest candidate. He’s the founder of the Socialist “Bread and Roses” party.

It’s more important to keep Trone out than to vote for Segal.