I Don’t Want to Be In the Position of Having to Defend Furries

But the Talibaptist Republicans out there have left me no choice, because it’s their outrage of the week.

Damn their eyes:

It happened every time a school board member spoke up about changes to the Central York School District’s COVID-19 plan. “Meow!” a group of four people would taunt from the back of the room. “Cat!”

Amelia McMillan, a parent in the Pennsylvania district, recognized the four people. They’d supported Central York’s recent (and now overturned) ban on certain school books, many of them about race. After the mid-January meeting ended, McMillan said she saw the group corner a local father in a hallway.

“They were yelling at him about his kid being a furry,” McMillan told The Daily Beast. The group cited “an email someone sent to the board about furries. I heard him say, ‘Leave my kid out of this.’ Two administrators from the school broke up this interaction and shuffled the four aggressors out of the building, and then asked the father if he was alright. He told everyone standing there (myself included) that they were calling his child a furry and he asked them to stop.”

Furries are people who have adopted a personae as an anthropomorphic animal, and I generally file them under, “This is some sick sh%$, but none of my business,” except, of course for the furry Nazis, (Furred Reich) but now the radical right is using them as another way to make sure that they can inculcate their children in their own twisted and bigoted world view, so now I have to defend them, which sucks:


In Pennsylvania, Maine, Michigan, and Iowa in recent months, school board meetings have been disrupted by allegations that educators are giving special treatment to furry students. While false, the widespread hoaxes play into a broader right-wing effort to discredit and demand further control over public education.

“It’s culture war, it’s control, and it’s not about protecting kids,” Patch O’Furr, proprietor of the furry news site Dogpatch Press, told The Daily Beast. “If you actually look at who’s doing this, at some of the political groups getting involved, they’re all far right.”

And, as usual, they are lying through their teeth, claiming that schools have set up litter boxes for students who identify as cats,* a thoroughly debunked urban legend.

Much like the fluoridation protests of the 1950s, it’s simply a ginned up controversy being used to attack another group, in this case, the protesters want school systems to discriminate against transgender youth.

F%$# the bigots, and support your local furry. (I cannot believe that I just said that)

*As Anna Russell would say, “I’m not making this up, you know.”



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