I Don’t Know If This Is Genius or Stupidity

Dress in a Can

As many you already know, Bella Hadid walked onto the cat-walk wearing nothing but underwear, and had a dress sprayed onto her.

If this is a serious fashion statement, then everyone involved with this is a blithering idiot.

If instead, this is a statement mocking fashion, then everyone involved with has caught lightning in a bottle, because it is a bit of absurdist theater as Eugene Ionesco’s play The Bald Soprano.

If I had to guess, I would think idiocy, but the statements by the “Designer” could be tongue in cheek:

Paris Fashion Week this year will go down in style history, and it’s all thanks to a truly daring look from none other than Bella Hadid. The supermodel totally stole the show on Sept. 30 when she walked onto Coperni’s Spring 2023 runway with nothing but underwear on… but then reached the end of the catwalk in a full gown. In one of the coolest and most unique displays at any fashion show, Parisian label Coperni pulled out all of the stops and gave Hadid an innovative dress no one would be able to forget. In the final moments of the runway show at Paris Fashion Week 2022, Bella Hadid took the stage and the magic happened, and this video captures all the wonder of Hadid’s spray-painted Coperni dress.

Wearing nothing but nude undergarments, Hadid was circled by two artists that sprayed her body with Fabrican, a “unique spray-on fabric.” From afar, it just looked like Hadid was being sprayed with white paint, but as the artists layered each coat an elastic-like dress began to form on Hadid’s body right on the runway. The crowd audibly gushed over the spectacle and I don’t blame them! According to Coperni’s co-founder, Arnaud Vaillant, the design was a “celebration of women’s silhouettes from centuries past,” he told Vogue. Each layer of Fabrican brought the designer’s vision to life. A true model, Hadid stood center-stage and elegantly moved her body ever so slightly for the artists to work their magic.

Clearly, the fashion press is a bunch of credulous idiots, but that goes without saying.



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