I Am Shocked, in a Good Way

Matthew G. Saroff
2 min readAug 8, 2022

In response to discovering that their entire police force was full of racist dirt-bags, the town of Vincent, Alabama has disbanded its entire police force.

Obviously there are cases where this not possible, I’m thinking of Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis, Minnesota, but this is a remarkably sane and constructive response to this situation.

Normally, there would just be statements of outrage, followed by throwing a few thousand dollars at some consultant to provide useless training.

This particularly surprising given the demographic makeup of the town, it’s about 75% white:

The small city of Vincent in Alabama has voted to disband its police force after the revelation of racist text messages exchanged between two of its officers.


The messages were first reported by AL.com on Tuesday, the same day the Vincent city council met to decide on the issue.

Earlier on Tuesday, the police chief, James Srygley, had said the department had “conducted an internal investigation” and that they had taken “appropriate disciplinary action”.

But on Thursday, Srygley himself was identified as one of the officers who was terminated. Assistant chief John L Goss was also terminated, and the city council then voted to disband the whole department.

My guess is that the either chief, or the assistant chief, was the sender of the text, and the other one was the recipient of the texts.

It doesn’t matter though. What does matter is that the city council looked at the racist corrupt dirt bags, and defunded the police.

This should be an obvious response to this sort of rot in the police force, but it’s actually politically quote risky. The electorate is typically both racist and mindlessly pro law enforcement.