Ha Ha!!!!!

Disgraced medical fraudster, and poster child for backpfeifengesicht, Martin Shkreli has claimed that he had been been hacked by a Trojan attached to pr0n that he downloaded.

I hope that this is true, because the alternative is that he conducted another scam on his investors, and that is WAY less expensive:

Martin Shkreli, one of the most notorious grifters of the 2010s, has already destroyed whatever goodwill he was trying to secure through the creation of Druglike, a web3 platform for pharmaceutical modeling. Not even a month removed from the venture’s announcement, Shkreli has been tied to an early token dump for the cryptocurrency that was supposedly powering the project.

As reported by Web3isgoinggreat, $MSI’s (short for Martin Shkreli Inu, which is in fact a real token) valuation dropped by 90 percent after a crypto wallet connected to Shkreli dumped its holdings in exchange for 239 ETH, or a little over $450,000.


BigTitsRoundAsses.exe — After YouTuber Muta Anas posted a video calling out Shkreli for being hacked, Shkreli himself reached out to Anas, the man behind a channel called SomeOrdinaryGamers, to offer an explanation for the dump. According to Shkreli, the suspicious token dump was the result of a hack stemming from malware inadvertently torrented while Shkreli tried to download some pornography.


Fool me twice — Shkreli is fresh out of a prison stint that was imposed for a series of financial crimes that were unrelated to his pharmaceutical price-gouging; he’s barely holding on, if at all, to any credibility. Given that, it would certainly be a choice to engage in traceable pump-and-dump crypto scheming this soon after re-entering society. Maybe he did get hacked after all? We can’t say for sure, but he’s provided at least some receipts owning to that fact.

Regardless of the exact reasoning for the sell-off, one thing is clear: Any venture headed by Shkreli, especially one that is pharmaceutical-adjacent, should probably be steered clear of.

Yeah. He and Elizabeth Holmes should be banished to a deserted island.

They won’t be but they should be.