Ha Ha!

A truly rightious bloke in Australia has download all of the NFTs on Ethereum and Solana, and uploaded the files to BitTorrent.

Needless to say, as one who considers NFTs to be a transparently obvious vehicle for fraud, I find this intensely amusing.

A 17.96 terabyte archive containing the screenshots of every single non-fungible token (NFT) minted on top of Ethereum and Solana has appeared on torrent site PirateBay.


Geoffrey Huntley, the software developer from South Australia behind the prank, says that he had to rent a bare-metal server to pull this off, adding that it was “worth it.”


The final boss of “right-clickers” says that the gigantic collection of NFT screenshots is meant for others to study “this generation’s tulip mania.”

It is a rather elegant way to demonstrate the absurdity of the current NFT craze.