Matthew G. Saroff
3 min readMay 31, 2022


Enough votes have been counted in Clackamas County to confirm that Jamie McLeod-Skinner has defeated Kurt Schrader in the primary held 2 weeks ago.

Good riddance to a man called, “The House Manchin.”

Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader has lost his primary in Oregon’s 5th District, losing to Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Despite the ballot-counting snafu that’s delayed results in Clackamas County, home to 45% of the district’s Democrats, enough votes have been tallied to make it clear that Schrader has no path to victory.

Both The Oregonian/OregonLive and the Associated Press called the race in favor of McLeod-Skinner Friday morning.

McLeod-Skinner said on Twitter that she was “honored” to be nominated.

“From Sellwood to Sunriver, Oregonians never stopped believing we can protect our families, our climate and our civil rights,” she wrote.

McLeod-Skinner won on the strength of her support in Deschutes County, where she outperformed Schrader by nearly 9,400 votes, pulling in a whopping 70%. Schrader, by contrast, is likely to collect fewer than 1,700 more votes than McLeod-Skinner in Clackamas County, the place where he has lived and served as an elected official for decades, a newsroom analysis shows.

McLeod-Skinner also netted a big lead over the incumbent in Multnomah County, pulling in 60% of that county’s vote. Districtwide, the final results are not expected to be close, with McLeod-Skinner on track to receive nearly 56% of votes cast.

I am stunned at her numbers in Deschutes County. That’s Bend, Oregon, east of the Cascades, and Eastern Oregon has long been considered a conservative stronghold.

Schrader lost, despite an endorsement from Joe Biden, because he is a profoundly disloyal Democrat:

Schrader also drew the ire of progressive Democrats across the district, who lambasted him for votes he took on pandemic aid and pharmaceutical regulation. In a sign of the spreading discontent, Democratic officials in four Oregon counties endorsed McLeod-Skinner in the run-up to the primary. It’s unusual for party organizations to actively work against an incumbent of their own party.

Schrader’s defeat came despite his sizable fundraising edge. He pulled in more than $2.5 million this election cycle, more than three times as much as McLeod-Skinner. Schrader also snagged an endorsement from President Joe Biden, shortly after appearing on stage with Biden during the president’s visit to Portland in April.

These efforts need to continue. Corporate Democrats are a recipe for a permanent minority.