Another Day, Another School Shooting

The inevitable invocation of, “Thoughts and prayers.”

This time, the target was members of the UVa football team.

The alleged shooter is a former member of the UVa football team.

The suspect in a shooting that killed three University of Virginia football players while injuring two other students at the University of Virginia is in custody after a more than 12-hour manhunt Monday morning.

The suspect, Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr., was apprehended in Henrico County. Jones is a UVa student. And while many mass shootings appear to be random events on people the shooters do not know, the shootings Sunday night were different because Jones knew at least some of the men he shot.

Jones, who was once on the football team roster, is suspected of killing Devin Chandler, a second-year student from Virginia Beach; Lavel Davis Jr., a third-year student from Ridgeville, South Carolina; and D’Sean Perry, a fourth-year student from Miami, Florida.

Normally, there would be questions about how UVa handles mental health issues for its students, but Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr. is Black, so we won’t see any talk like that. The gun nuts will just call him a crazy N-word.

Sick to death of the ammosexuals invocation of thoughts and prayers.



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